Give a regular gift to your local Hospice

Why your gift could make a difference?

Here’s why one of our supporters Sarah chose to give a gift to your local Hospice:

“My Mum was with Douglas Macmillan Hospice for just four days last year and I just can’t speak highly enough of the support the staff gave to Mum and all of the family.

She always had a fear of a Hospice, however, she loved the place! The staff, food, environment was just ‘Mum’ and it certainly made the last days of her life as comfortable as possible.

£10 seems a small amount for the kindness and care we received, but it all helps. It’s nice to know that the regular contributions will benefit other families that unfortunately will be in the same position we found ourselves in last year.”

To Give a Gift today please choose from the options below (please place your mouse cursor over the image for more information). Gifts range from £3 to £50 and there is an option of an “anytime” gift to select a donation amount of your choice if you prefer (minimum donation of £3).

Once your gift has been processed by the Hospice we will send a thank you letter and certificate out to you, supporters choosing to give a regular donation will also receive our annual supporter newsletter and a commemorative gift on the Anniversary of your first donation.

Anytime Gift
(Minimum donation £3/month)


Relaxation Time
(Minimum donation £4.20/month)


Meal Time
(Minimum donation £5/month)


Support Time
(Minimum donation £10/month)


My Time
(Minimum donation £20/month)


(Minimum donation £47.60/month)