Douglas Macmillan Hospice’s Board of Trustees consists of members of the community from across North Staffordshire.

The role of our Trustees is to provide strategic direction for the Hospice and to ensure the local community is represented in its aim to meet its objectives whilst fulfilling its core philosophy and values.

The Board of Trustees includes a number of Committees with responsibility for the different areas of the Hospice’s work.

David Platt – Chair

Sue Evans – Vice Chair

Kerry Brown

Daryl Harvey

Andrew Millward has been an elected Trustee since 2013. He is a Member of the Remuneration & Nominations sub-committee, newly appointed Chairman of the Lotteries Board

Joanne Miller

Jessica Neyt

Margaret Rathbone

Laura Rowley was co-opted as a member of the Board in November 2015 for election in October 2016.

Dr Jane Sissons

Dr Eddie Slade was elected as Trustee in 2015 and is a member of the Clinical Governance and IFIA Subcommittees.