Not a Happy New Year for Dougie Mac

Staff and volunteers at Douglas Macmillan Hospice’s Burslem Warehouse have been left stunned after thieves stole parts of their donation vans over the Christmas period.

The theft include the exhaust systems and catalytic converters on both vehicles, which we’re parked outside the Federation Road site.

This has lost the staff and volunteer at least one day’s work, which has caused a backlog leading up to the two sales being held at the Burslem Warehouse this month.

Maxine Wakelin, Retail Volunteer Resource Manager commented,

“We would like to apologise to our supporters who expected a visit from staff and volunteers from the Burslem Warehouse to collect donations.

“To step up security and help with donation sorting, we urgently require more volunteers at the Warehouse.”

Anybody who would like to help please contact Maxine Wakelin on 01782 344304.

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