Dougie Mac keeping Doris spirits up

90 year old Doris Podmore needed support during her battle with heart failure and cancer, Doris was unsure about a referral to us at the Douglas Macmillan Hospice.

She thought our day care centre would be ‘depressing’ even if it was just visiting us once a week. But she re-thought and took up the advice to go and now she is among many patients receiving care at our hospice.

Our day therapy unit offers our patients access to fantastic medical care and advice, if needed.

Doris has been visiting almost every week for the past twelve months. She was diagnosed with cancer almost 2 years ago.

Having been suggested by a Macmillan nurse, Doris visited the hospice. She said: “I come to the Day Therapy Unit every Tuesday and I always really enjoy myself. I’ve made lots of friends here and the food is lovely-thankfully I still have my appetite.”

She then added “There are all sorts of activities to do. Some of the other patients take part in crochet or play cards. They let me do painting. “It is a very uplifting place. It is not depressing at all.”

“I have a really enjoyable time, but it also gives me the chance to speak to people with similar complaints and conditions.To me the Day Therapy Unit is a vital part of the hospice. It gives me something to look forward to every week.”

As a thank you for the care and support Doris has received during the last 12 months, she asked for donations rather than presents for her 90th birthday. After her birthday Doris kindly handed over a £500 cheque to the Dougie Mac.

She added: “The unit here is very good. I thought what do I want presents for at the age of 90? I want to be giving things away. This was a nice way to say thank you for what the hospice has done for me while I’ve been here.”

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