Leanne’s Heartwarming tribute to Mum

Earlier this year, Leanne Lawton lost her mum Debbie Hinton to clear cell ovarian carcinoma. Debbie was first diagnosed in 2010 responding well to treatment and went into remission. Sadly a year later after a routine scan the cancer had returned.

Debbie was referred to the Douglas Macmillan Hospice in September 2015 after she was told the treatment was no longer working.

Leanne was put in touch with the DougieMac Palliative Care team who were able to offer expert support and advice including emotional and psychological, as well as making regular visits to Debbie, all of which were vital to the family.

”One of the nurses, Neil, was so reassuring which put all the family at ease,” Leanne said.

“I was quite protective of who was looking after Mum. Her care as paramount to us all, so when the DougieMac got involved we knew she was definitely in the best hands,” explained Leanne.

Debbie had four grandchildren arrive after her diagnosis whose arrival was what kept her fighting.

”All Mum cared about was everyone else, not the illness,” said Leanne.

After spending her last Christmas with the family Debbie’s condition sadly deteriorated and she received care in her final days from the DougieMac Hospice at Home nurses. On 16th March Debbie sadly passed away surrounded by her family.

“Mum was carefree, totally family orientated and someone who adored and cherished her grandchildren so much.”

Leanne decided before her mum died that she wanted to do something special for the Hospice nurses for the care her mum received. She organised a garden party in memory of her Mum which was a truly wonderful celebration of Debbie’s life.

Leanne raised an incredible £7,000 for the DougieMac.

She is continuing her support for the Hospice by taking part in our Christmas raffle.

“It’s the least I can do for the DougieMac and I would urge everyone to take part so families like ours can receive support and care at a time when they need it most,” said Leanne.

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