Our Volunteers share their love for Dougie Mac

This week we’re looking for local people to show their love for volunteering, we spoke to a number of our own volunteers and here’s what they had to say about giving time to DougieMac.

Bridget Williams –

“Leaving full time employment leaves a big hole in your life, volunteering at DougieMac fills that gap. Everyone is so welcoming, friendly and it all helps to make you still feel useful in life.

“I have made some lovely friends both in the permanent staff and other volunteers and they keep me in touch with life.”

Lynne Ikin

“It is worth every minute of my life as the Day Therapy patients gain such a lot from participating in the Spiritual Space services we hold every Tuesday morning.

“The Day Therapy service is brilliant all round and provides a welcome break for all of the patients who attend each week.”

Charlotte Smith

“It’s great to gain experience and it’s fun and social.”

Peter Bough

“I find personal benefit in giving and receiving the fellowship and benefits that the hospice provides.”

Carol Smith

“My late husband passed away in the Dougie Mac in 2013. He thought, as I did that he was beautifully cared for and asked me ‘to do something’ for the hospice . Volunteering seemed the best thing for me, and its turned out to be just that.”

Julie Rattos

“I enjoy helping others and meeting new people and experiencing the various expansions of the hospice.”

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