Jorden Champions Hospice Care in Canada

One of our In Patient Unit nurses Jorden Gerring, got the unique opportunity to sample hospice care in another continent for 3 months last year, as she undertook a placement in Canada as part of her Queen Elizabeth Scholarship.

The 25 year old from Basford already had a passion for advanced care planning, and the chance to learn and also share practices with Canadian hospice staff was too good to turn down.

The scholarship itself focuses on improving care for patients at the end of their life, and after applying for a place, Jorden was on her way in September and returned in December.

As well as taking in the work of 3 hospices’ and visiting patients out in the community, she also had to do a presentation about DougieMac and advanced care planning to over 60 people.

“Palliative care is quite new there, so it was interesting to see how they do things and also to share how we’ve done different practices as we’ve been going for 44 years.

“Some of the things I brought back with me are elements we can integrate into how we do things here at the hospice. It’s not massive things, just small tweaks that will make the difference,” Jorden said.

Douglas Macmillan Hospice is continuing work with overseas pupils of the Queen Scholarship, with two Canadian hospice staff sampling life here at Dougie Mac recently as well as the Donna Louise Children’s Hospice.

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