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The beautiful gardens at DougieMac have always been an important feature of the hospice. They provide an attractive calm area which helps to alleviate stress and support the therapeutic services of the hospice.

When the DougieMac opened in 1973, much thought went into planning, landscaping and levelling of the land, before an assortment of rose bushes, shrubs and trees were planted.

As the hospice building has been extended over the years, the garden have been modified and the beds and borders extended to adapt to the changes.

Dorothy Wright, aged 67, from Sneyd Green, has been a volunteer gardener for the last 15 years.

“I really love working in the gardens. It is so gratifying to know that they are appreciated by so many people. As the hospice has grown over the years, so has the garden areas, so the maintenance is becoming a greater challenge,” she said.

In the foreseeable future, the team of volunteer gardeners wish to design and create an area where patients and visitors are able to sit and enjoy the beautiful gardens away from the busy areas within the hospice. There is also a plan to undertake a major replanting exercise on the oldest part of the two acre site in Blurton.

Anyone with gardening experience, who would be interested in knowing more about volunteering can come to the hospice on Wednesday 21st June between 10am and 12 noon, and meet the team and discuss the role in greater detail.

If you’re unable to attend that date, please e-mail or call 01782 344332 to speak to our Volunteer Resources team.



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