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Volunteer Focus: I wanted to get back into work

Staffordshire mother Jane Rudd has shared her experience working as a volunteer for the Douglas Macmillan Hospice.

Jane previously worked as a secretary  for F.G Chambers before leaving to raise her children.

Jane, who lives in Whitmore, said: “Having brought up two children for the last 19 years, I really wanted to return to a working environment. I looked on the internet to see if there were any vacancies at the DougieMac and completed the simple questionnaire online. I then received a call from the Volunteer Resources department informing me of a possible position on the reception desk at the hospice.

“I now volunteer my time on a Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning and sometimes other days when asked to do so.

“My role is very interesting and varied. I work in a very nice environment with some lovely people and we get to meet so many visitors. Volunteering at the DougieMac has enabled me to make use of my skills from many years ago so I could update my CV, which I am sure will help me when applying for paid roles, whilst also fitting in with my existing busy life schedule.

“If there is anybody who has a few hours to spare on any day, then I am sure there is a volunteer role within the hospice that would be of interest.”

If you would be interested in volunteering for DougieMac please browse all of our opportunities HERE

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