Al pictured with wife and family on Boxing Day

Al’s family thank DougieMac for “indescribable care”

Jackie has kindly shared some words on her husband Al’s time with the DougieMac. Jackie is currently supporting the DougieMac Christmas Raffle which helps raise crucial funds to keep the Hospice running and to provide all patients and their families with support and care. This is Jackie’s story:

“Al and I married in 1992 and just eight years later, shortly after he retired, Al was diagnosed with Prostate cancer. Fearless, courageous and a beacon of light, he was never fazed by the hospital appointments that became a part of our lives. Over the years that followed, he faced many more cancer diagnoses and yet he always made the best of things and was an inspiration to us all.

Last summer, Al was told that his cancer had returned to his bowel and treatment was no longer working. He now had months to live, not years.

It was at this point that we were invited to visit the DougieMac. It was a big decision for Al but as soon as he arrived, he liked it and made the decision that when the time came, he wanted to be at DougieMac.

Christmas was always a special time of year for him, especially Boxing Day when we would get the whole family together. Al treasured his last Christmas with us all, creating special memories with his children and grandchildren.

Unfortunately, in January this year, Al started to deteriorate and he was admitted into the Hospice. Over the days that followed, the nurses couldn’t have done more.

They made sure he was pain-free and comfortable, even setting me a bed up so I didn’t have to leave him – it was like a second home for us.

On Saturday 28th January 2017, Al passed away. He was where he wanted to be with the people he loved.

Afterwards, we just sat with him for a while, never disturbed or rushed. Charlie, our two-year old grandson, even came to say goodbye and tell Al “I love you Par Par” one last time.

I think everyone should be afforded the level of care that Al received in his final days… it really was indescribable. I miss him and always will, but knowing we can help support such a wonderful cause would have made Al so proud.

Please join me in supporting the DougieMac’s Christmas Raffle. As little as £1 can help to give a priceless gift to families just like mine. 

Thank you and good luck!”



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