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Cheadle Sixth Form Make Generous Pledge to Dougie Mac


Dougie Mac are enjoying a close partnership with Cheadle Academy Sixth Form where 50 of their year 12 students have made the generous pledge to raise £12,000 for the hospice by February 2019, marking the pivotal anniversary of when we cared for our first patient.

The students recently benefited from a hospice tour led by Head of Volunteer Resources Louise Eagle so they could appreciate and understand the services that their pledge will help to fund.

100 Dougie Banks have been issued to the students to share with their family and friends to collect individual monetry donations.

The charitable bunch will also be hosting a number of fundraising activities throughout 2018, including choir performances at a variety of events, non-uniform days and cake sales.

Student Alfie Walford commented:

“As the Dougie Mac is a charity close to a number of local people’s hearts, when it was mentioned that there could be a possibility to get involved in some fundraising, it seemed too good of an opportunity to pass on. Not only is it an amazing organisation to support, the process of fundraising itself has given everyone at the Sixth Form, parents and staff included, a huge sense of pride and achievement, being able to take part in something so productive, something which we all hope to continue into the future.”

In addition, Cheadle Academy Sixth Form will be working towards achieving ‘dementia friendly’ status under the guidance of Dougie Mac. This will include creating an action place to implement measures ensuring that the school is accessible to those with living with Dementia.

There are now 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK – the equivalent to 1 in 14 people, with cases rising dramatically.

Student Ellie Cartlidge said:

“I want to become a Dementia Friend as a tribute to my Nan. Dementia is often overlooked until it affects you personally so I would like to raise awareness for the condition in my local community and make my college dementia friendly for my Nan and all others affected.”

Initiatives like Dementia Friends, delivered through partnerships between Dougie Mac and local organisations, schools and community groups means that support and expert advice can be accessed more readily by those affected.

Louise Eagle, Head of Volunteer Resources says,

“We’re delighted that students at Cheadle Sixth Form have made such a fantastic pledge. £12,000 is an enormous contribution to the care we’re able to provide at the Dougie Mac.

We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership and working together on the Dementia Friends initiative to create a dementia friendly community. If you’re interested in becoming a Dementia Friend, or a dementia friendly organisation, please contact me on”

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