Matt Takes on Extreme Challenge in Mum’s Memory

Forty-six year old Matt Clayton, husband, father and Director of Build a UK Business, is taking on an extreme challenge in 2019. He’ll be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in a bid to raise £4150 for Dougie Mac.

Growing up in North Staffordshire, Matt understood from an early age the ‘amazing’ work that Dougie Mac does to help local families facing life limiting illnesses but it was his experiences with the hospice just earlier this year, when his Mum Janet, passed away in July 2018 after a 15 year battle with chronic emphysema, which really cemented his desire to help.

“It had been a long and tiring battle for Mum and all the family. I guess you don’t realise how much it takes out of you physically and mentally – worrying for 15 years solid and watching your Mum deteriorate year on year and wondering after each new hospital admission whether she would come home again.

“When Mum was admitted to hospital in June 2018 she was still very much alert and we sat for many afternoons completing crosswords and arguing over who had the right answer (it was always Mum!)

“However, it quickly became apparent that she wouldn’t be coming home again so my sister Gail and I broached the subject with Mum, asking her where she wanted to spend her last days. Her response was: “I want my own room, somewhere quiet.” With this in mind, we contacted Dougie Mac and they agreed to transfer Mum within 24 hours. She was given her own room in a quiet corner of the hospice looking out over a beautiful garden.

“We were so fortunate to then be able to spend a few more days with Mum still alert before her health deteriorated and she slipped into her final days before finally passing away on 7th July 2018.

“The hospice and staff were nothing short of amazing and granted Mum her final wish of ‘being in her own room, somewhere quiet’, surrounded by friends and family.

“I’ve chosen to raise funds for Dougie Mac to support the fantastic work they do for the families of North Staffordshire, such as my own, caring for loved ones in their final days with dignity and absolute compassion.”

To donate to Matt’s cause, please visit:

If you, like Matt, would like to push your limits and take on a challenge in support of Dougie Mac, please take a look at the range available here:

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