Dougie Mac Staff Work Together to Continue to Provide Hospice Services

The Dougie Mac team are working together to make sure our hospice continues to operate throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Some of our employees have been unable to carry on with their usual responsibilities due to government guidelines and have found themselves utilising their skills and experience in other hospice areas instead!

Here is Ian, one of our enthusiastic Lottery Promoters. Due to the nature of Ian’s role which involves working out in the community, Ian can no longer carry out his everyday tasks. As a passionate Dougie Mac employee, Ian has turned his hand to helping out our catering team who are still providing hospice meals for our patients and staff.

“My role as a Lottery Promoter involves lots of face to face contact in encouraging the general public to sign up for our weekly lottery- whether that’s on their doorstep on my neighbourhood rounds, visiting local businesses or in supermarkets and shopping centres. When the Government’s advice surrounding social distancing was introduced, I was devastated I wouldn’t be able to carry out my role for the foreseeable future but I understood why the decision was made. Even though I can’t go out and promote our Lottery, I am still really keen to continue to work and help the hospice wherever they need extra support. Before working at Dougie Mac, I provided catering in pubs and ran a sandwich shop so I had all the necessary qualifications to help the kitchen team prepare the delicious freshly cooked meals. This week I have helped prepare soups, jacket potato toppings, sandwiches and salads. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the kitchen so far and I am really pleased I have been able to continue to work to support the running of Dougie Mac.”

Ian will continue to help our catering team until it is safe for him to re-join our Lottery team. Ian is just one of many staff members who have shown their dedication and flexibility which has been paramount in ensuring the hospice can continue to provide its care during this difficult period.

Although Ian is unable to sign up people to the Lottery you can still join online for just £1 per play to support your local hospice Please gamble responsibly. All players must be aged 16+

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