Dougie Mac Families Benefit from Quilted Comfort Blankets

Project Linus UK provides quilted comfort blankets to children to help provide a sense of security, warmth and comfort during difficult times in their life, such as bereavement.

The project is ran entirely by volunteers who want to contribute to supporting children in their local area who are ‘in need of a hug’. The blankets are made by the volunteers from donated materials such as pyjamas, curtains or dresses.

Project Linus have donated these special blankets to Dougie Mac for over 10 years. The blankets are then distributed to children who have lost a close family member and would benefit from a comfort blanket.

Michelle Baskerville, Social Work Assistant at Dougie Mac, has worked with our local Project Linus group to facilitate the comfort blanket distribution since its establishment: “The blankets are a meaningful comforter for children who are dealing with a family bereavement. Our hospice and community patients sometimes use the blankets first to them keep warm and then they will be passed on to the child after the patient has died. This then also serves as a lovely way to trigger memories of their loved one.”

Due to the popularity of these items in our area, our local Project Linus group are now calling for more volunteers to support their work. The North Staffordshire Project Linus team only have 3 volunteers who are creating these beautiful handmade blankets. With more helping hands, Project Linus Stoke-on-Trent hope to support so even more children going through a traumatic and distressing time.

If you have an interest in sewing and would like to join our local Project Linus group to support our local children, please get in contact with Project Linus –

Facebook: @ProjectLinusUK

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