Counselling & Support

For many people, it may be difficult to manage the feelings and emotions that come along with a diagnosis of a palliative illness. However, family and friends will often come together and provide the comfort and support that is needed. 

The staff at the Dougie Mac work as a team to provide support and advice on your physical, emotional and spiritual needs.  There are various staff members, including your Palliative Care Nurse, who can support you with any difficulties that you may experience. Most people find that this support is enough, however, some patients, couples and families can struggle to manage the distressing thoughts and fears that they experience, and may find it beneficial to seek professional therapy, counselling and support.

The Psychological Support Service aims to offer effective psychological therapy and counselling to patients, relatives and carers.  We work with individuals, couples and family groups by encouraging and supporting those in distress to explore fears, anxieties and grief issues in a safe place.

Referrals to the Psychological Support Service are made by healthcare professionals from the Douglas Macmillan Hospice, such as your Palliative Care Nurse Specialist, Social Worker, DMH Doctor, Nurse, Consultant and Physiotherapist.

Psychological Support is offered by a Psychological Therapist, an Integrative Counsellor or an experienced and qualified volunteer counsellor.


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