Grow a Garden of Everlasting Flowers

Thanks to the generous support of hospice corporate partners KMF Group, Dougie Mac is excited to announce replenished stock of four limited edition, eye catching metal sculptures for the garden. The range consists of forget-me-nots, gerberas and two sizes of sunflowers.

Buy yours today!

Buy yours today!

Buy yours today!

Larger Than Life Sunflowers

As well as representing love, admiration, loyalty, positivity and strength sunflowers are a symbol of hospice care across the UK and have featured as part of the hospice logo since we first opened our doors in 1973.

Now available in two sizes: medium and large.

Medium: width 34cm, height 55cm

Large: width 45cm, height 60cm


Our brightly coloured gerberas feature a beaded ring around the centre of the flower; the flower is synonymous with cheerfulness and joy because of its large flowering head.

Width 34cm, height 50cm


The forget-me-not, as well as being a symbol of love and memories has also become a national symbol of dementia. While dementia causes a decline in memory and cognitive function, the forget-me-not flower symbolises the not wanting to be forgotten and not wanting to forget, especially by loved ones.

Width 23cm, height 40cm

The metal parts – petals, leaves and stem – for 2,000 flowers, have been manufactured and painted by KMF Group and assembled by patients and volunteers at the hospice. The ambitious project helps to raise funds to provide excellent care to our patients and families.

The sunflower and forget-me-not have been chosen for their connection with hospice care.  The sunflower has long been the recognised emblem of the hospice movement.  National Forget-Me-Not Day is 10th November and the flower is associated with remembering friends, family and loved ones.  It is also the emblem used by dementia organisations and given the hospice employs dedicated Admiral Nurses having a forget-me-not in the range seemed an obvious choice.

You can be part of our unique Everlasting Flower Garden initiative and purchase a limited edition flower sculpture by clicking the button below.

As part of your donation, you will also receive a collector’s certificate and your flower will be planted in the hospice grounds for our patients and families to enjoy.

We will write to you following the uplift of the Covid-19 lockdown and invite you to collect your flowers when it is safe to do so.