How Can I Access Care?

Referrals to all services offered by Dougie Mac can be made by a GP, Consultant, Clinical Nurse Specialist, District Nurse or Community Matron.

Please speak to your doctor or nurse to request being referred if you feel you would benefit from our services.

After we have received a referral, a member of the hospice team will be in touch to arrange an appointment with you, either at your home or a clinical appointment at the hospice.

Our team doesn’t take over your care, but instead works with your GP and other healthcare professionals to care and support you and your family.

If you have not yet been referred to the hospice but would like to speak to a hospice nurse for some advice or support, you can phone our 24/7 advice line on 01782 344300.

Nurse and Dougie Mac Hospice patient chatting about referrals