Carers & Families

At Douglas Macmillan Hospice, our social work team are part of a wider team that give practical and emotional support to patients, their families, carers and friends.

Living with a serious illness can affect every aspect of peoples’ lives. This emotional stress can become difficult to cope with; therefore, talking to a social worker, either alone or with another family member, can help.

Social workers can also help patients and their families talk to children and young people close to them about what is happening and how they’re coping.

The social worker can and does advocate for the patient and the extended family network.

 Social Workers can liaise with:

  • Local Social Services and Community Health Services regarding help at home or nursing homes
  • Voluntary organisations and charities who provide financial and practical help, such as Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Employers to help them understand more about the situation
  • Benefits Agency to ensure all appropriate benefits are being claimed
  • Local Authorities and others to assist with housing needs


For more information on our Social Work team and how you could benefit from their help, please click here, or call our 24 hour advice line on 01782 344300.