Inpatient Services

Patients requiring regular care may be suited for a short stay in our 26 bed unit known as our Inpatient Services. Care is provided by a team of professionals including doctors, nurses, therapists and members of our Wellbeing Team. Each patient has a Palliative Medicine Consultant who takes overall responsibility for their care.

Here at Douglas Macmillan Hospice we want to make your stay as comfortable as possible so here’s a simple list of items you can bring:

  • Any medication you’re taking
  • Night clothes and slippers
  • Day wear
  • Toiletries (soap, toothpaste etc.)
  • Squash, sweets, tissues

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The first step for further care will be to meet with a social worker and plan a meeting called a Comprehensive Assessment where you, your family members and care team will meet to discuss plans, wishes or worries you may have.

If your condition is stable and the only follow-up care you may need will be provided by your own GP, hospice services will still be an option for you should your situation change, or if your GP needs to ask for advice about your care. Some patients need follow-up through outpatient appointments at the hospice and may also benefit from coming to Day Patient Unit.

Occasionally, following an inpatient stay, you and your family may decide that a residential care home is an option for future care and support. You may leave the hospice to spend a little time in a community hospital where this is most appropriate for your needs. You and your family’s wishes are extremely important in planning the future place of care, but professional advice, guidance and resources will also taken into account.

Admission will usually be arranged following an assessment by your Palliative Care Nurse Specialist at home or by the Hospital Palliative Care Team at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire.

The hospice doesn’t provide long term care; once difficult symptoms are controlled, patients will be discharged. Many of our patients will need help to manage at home, so before they’re discharged they will be fully assessed by our team and any care or equipment needed at home will be arranged. Some patients will require 24-hour care following discharge, and our social work team will support patients and their families through the process of choosing and moving to a nursing home.

Inpatient cared for by Dougie Mac team
Inpatient and nurse engage in friendly conversation