Gift Aid It With Dougie Mac


Gift Aid is a government scheme that allows us to claim 25% more on your donations of goods or money at no extra cost to you. With Gift Aid we can make an extra 25p on every £1 of your donation by claiming against the basic rate tax that you have already paid or will be paying to HMRC. It’s one of the easiest ways to give to charity.

To sign up to Gift Aid, all we need from you is a one off declaration confirming that you wish to Gift Aid your donations. There are a few ways to do this, choose the right one for you below:


When donating money: Simply tick the Gift Aid box on the donation form or when completing our form online

When donating goods to our shops: Please ask a member of staff for a Gift Aid form to complete (if you haven’t already been asked on donation)

Call us on 01782 344 339 and make a verbal declaration. We will send you confirmation of your declaration in the post and you can cancel if you choose to within 30 days.

To be eligible to sign up to Gift Aid, you must be a current UK taxpayer. This has to be either Income tax or Capital Gains tax and you need to have paid enough tax to cover the amount that you are donating in that tax year to both us and other charities that you are Gift Aiding with. If you donate goods to us, you won’t know the amount of money that they will raise until they have been sold, and so we write to you before claiming Gift Aid to advise you of this. We will confirm the amount raised, and give you the opportunity to tell us if you haven’t paid enough tax to cover. There are some further terms and conditions detailed on the declaration form in relation to donating goods under Gift Aid, so please be sure to read it through when signing up.

If you are a higher taxpayer you can claim additional tax relief by claiming the difference between the basic rate tax that we will claim and the amount of tax that you have paid. For further details on how to do this, please contact your tax office.

Once you have become a Gift Aider with us, it is important that you notify us if your circumstances change so that we don’t claim any tax back incorrectly. You should also let us know if your details change, or if you simply no longer wish to be a part of the scheme. You can do this by emailing us on at any time and we will be happy to help. Alternatively, you can call us on 01782 344339.

For further information on Gift Aid, you can visit the government website here.

On Cash: Gift Aid on donations of cash is straight forward. As soon as you have made your donation, if you are eligible to be part of the scheme and have confirmed this by ticking the relevant box, Dougie Mac is able to add Gift Aid at 25% and claim this back from HMRC.

On Goods: Gift Aid on a donation of goods in our shops is slightly different. As the goods do not have any monetary value until they are sold, Dougie Mac must act as your agent in selling the goods on your behalf. Once the goods are sold, we will write to you to tell you how much money we raised from these sales, check you are still able to Gift Aid the items, and should you agree, we will then claim the Gift Aid back from HMRC. We will claim 25% of the value of your donation within that tax year in Gift Aid, minus a 1% commission charge to cover the costs of operating the scheme. When you agree to Dougie Mac acting as your agent to sell your goods, it is called an agency agreement, and it’s all built in to the declaration form. When we receive your signed agency agreement back from our stores, we will send you a Dougie Mac supporter card in the post with your Gift Aid number on within 2 weeks. Should you donate some more items to us, you can then simply flash your card in store to Gift Aid.