Referring a Patient

Dougie Mac offers specialised care for patients who are suffering from a life-limiting illness.

Referrals are accepted from any health care professional, including GPs, hospital doctors, community nurses and specialist nurses. When the GP is not the source of the referral, the patient’s GP will be informed that a referral has been made.

Referrals can be made through our referral form which can be downloaded here.

Please share relevant clinical information when referring the patient, for example, recent hospital letters or oncology annotations. All referrals must be made with the patient’s consent. If a patient does not have capacity to consent, a best interests decision should be made. For further guidance, please see our Referral Advice Notes.

Referrals should be faxed to 01782 344301.

The vast majority of patients are referred initially to the community palliative care nurse specialist team. Patients will be contacted within 2 working days of a referral being received to arrange an appointment for an initial assessment. The community team can then refer on to any of the other hospice services as needed.

If a referral is more urgent than this, please telephone 01782 344300 to discuss. Wherever possible, urgent referrals will be contacted within 24 hours.

Occasionally, referrers may wish to refer specifically for day therapy services only. If this is the case, please tick the appropriate box on the referral form and the patient will be contacted to arrange an appointment in day therapy.

Community Team speak with a patient