Spiritual Pastoral And Religious Care Service (SPARCS)

As well as caring for your medical needs we also want to offer assistance in the non-medical aspects of your illness. We call this holistic care.

Spirituality means different things to different people. At Dougie Mac we believe that it is concerned with:

  • What you value
  • What gives you strength
  • What brings you joy
  • What gives you comfort
  • What brings you peace
  • What helps you love

Spiritual, Pastoral And Religious Care means different things to different people. At Dougie Mac our working definitions are:

Spiritual Healthcare is concerned with who you are, what makes you uniquely you and what’s important; especially in times of illness and loss.

Religious Healthcare is about making sure that any religious needs you may have are addressed as part of your care, whatever your faith.

Pastoral Healthcare is non-religious and non-spiritual and is concerned with who you are and what’s important to you, especially in times of illness and loss.

Different people want different things during their time with us:

  • Someone with the time and courage to explore and help express what’s happening to them
  • Exploration of life issues or their beliefs
  • Relaxation or meditation
  • Prayer and religious support

All staff at Dougie Mac are trained in listening to and caring for your needs and we have our own dedicated team of Spiritual, Pastoral And Religious Carers
who will be happy to come and see you at your request.

As part of our initial getting to know you we will, with your permission, ask you some questions about what’s important to you and where you find strength.

In the Spiritual Space you will find sacred and inspirational books (Bible, Quran, Bhagadvad Gita, Humanist writings etc.), items such as prayer mats, crucifix and a range of CDs all of which can be used in any of the quiet rooms or the patient rooms.

The Spiritual Space is located near Main Reception and is open all day.

We seek to support the religious and cultural needs of patients, relatives and friends and will welcome your own Faith leader.

We can help make contact with local Faith leaders should you wish to see someone authorised to perform a religious ritual or service.

For more information regarding SPARCS:

Call: 01782 344300


Write to us: 

Douglas Macmillan Hospice
Barlaston Road

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